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    fireworks pop-up menu question

    christofutti Level 1

      when i use fireworks mx to create pop-up menus, the second level menus don't show on the iphone


      when i use cs5 and export as external css, the second levels do appear on the iphone but i'm having a different problem - i'm centering the main image but the submenus don't follow to the trigger point they stay put, on the left of where they should be

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          Jim_Babbage Level 4

          The FW pop up menus are - quite possibly - the worst thing to use for a production-level site. And this is coming from a guy who LOVES Fireworks.


          They code is bloated, difficult to customize outside of FW and no longer supported by Dreamweaver. Avoid them for anything but prototyping.


          The other point worth raising though, is the usability of the site on a smart phone. You may want ot reconsider how the site is navigated when users are on a small-screen device, just for usability's sake, if nothing else. Always remember, big clumsy fingers have to tap the right menu item and if you have navigation with pop up sub-menus, that may be difficult. If you're relying on the user to pinch and zoom (like my stupid bank does) then you will frustrate the user, or possibly even give themt he impression that the company doens't understand mobile browsing.


          Consider simplyfiying your navigation to larger, easy to tap buttons. Create style sheets that optimize the screen space for different screen sizes. If you're new to this, it will take some trial and error, but Dreamweaver offers several features to make it easier to design for multiple screen sizes, such as jQuery Mobile templates, and multi-screen preview.


          And last - but not least - remember that FW is a GRAPHICS program, with some html capabilities, not a web authoring environment. Just as you don't expect to do complex imaging in Dreamweaver, you should not rely on Fireworks to do any complicated HTML/CSS web site authoring.