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    Blacklining plugin in Indesign CS5 issue




      My company recently upgraded their workstations to Windows 7 with Adobe CS5 standard and acrobat X. Now we installed Blacklining from http://www.blacklining.com/. My problem lies on the vertical line (sidebar) that the Acrobat distiller is producing.


      So the procedure is lets say Our client sent us a indesign file. Then we open it using inDesign CS5 with blacklining. and print it to using postcript file as printer and adobe pdf as PPD. with blacklining settings of marks: visible , deletion: caret and use sidebar is checked.


      Then we have it Distilled using Adobe Distiller. So the output file is pdf.


      My question and problem is how can we set the sidebar to always appear on the left side. instead on odd pages its on the right and on even pages on the left.


      Thank you so muchsidebar.jpg