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    Call a CFC that is a webservice from CF locally

    nedflanders Level 1
      I have a CFC that is a webservice used for an external VB.net application. That works like a champ, however, i would like to call this same webservice from my CF website that is located on the same server as the CFC webservice. Is this possible? i mean i guess i could treat it like another webservice (<cfinvoke webservice= etc) but i was wondering if i could call it via cfobject or cfinvoke and not treat it like a webservice. in my mind if i treated it like a webservice CF would have to go out on the web and come back in to get the data i need from the service. basically i am trying to reuse code so that i wont have two functions that do the same thing (one for Webservice and one as a regular function).

      how can i best handle this situiation on a high traffic website that will allow for maximium performance and reliability.