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    GTX 560+ supports DVCPro?


      Hi, I'm getting ready to build a new computer, but I have a quick question before doing so...


      I currently use a Panasonic DVC Pro camcorder to record my wedding videos and a Panasonic AG-DV250 to playback the videos (for capturing via 1394 through Adobe Premiere 6.5 - yes, very old).


      What I heard was the newer versions of Adobe Premiere, i.e., Adobe Premiere CS5.5 which I am interested in, does not support my camcorder/ tapes when playing back or capturing...is this true?


      I am also interested (through what people have suggested to me) in the GTX-560+ video card and a Firewire 400 port...will Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5 support my old camcorder/ DV tapes?


      Thank you so much in advance for your kind help!