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    Comment feature to Dam:assets

    pgnyace Level 1


      I would like to add comments to our DAM assets.

      I created a node comments owning the propertysling:resourcetype=collab/commons/components/comments


      I tried to use the createcomments script with this url http://server:4502/content/dam/myasset.ai/jcr:content/alt/comments.createcomments.html


      The create comment page is successfully displayed the comment is not stored when I click on "create".

      In fact a node /content/usergenerated/content/dam/myasset-ai  is created with no children.


      When I want to create an other comment a new node is created



      That's pretty weird...


      Instead of trying to comment an asset I created a dummy node of type nt:unstructured and ran the script on it



      This time the comments are sucessfully created.


      So is there a way to comments the dam:assets ?

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          pgnyace Level 1

          I thinks I found the problem.

          In the com.day.cq.collab.commons.impl.servlets.createComment servlet the addComment function is parsing the node url and use the function JcrUtil.createValidName. This function remove some "illegals" character as ".". So that's why the comment node created for my assets are named asset-extension instead of asset.extension and so the comments aren't successfully linked to my assets.