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    Full Screen FLV

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      I'm having trouble figuring out why when I go full screen I see white and black bars at the bottom of my computer screen. Please see the attached files. I believe this happeneing becasue my controls are part of my swf.


      I hope someone can help out. Thanks.







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          ReshapeMedia Level 1

          I think this is more due to the size of your video.  Make sure you screen and video aspect ratios are equal or you will always have a [black] border - default for all videos... or a [white] border - if your video is not as large as the visible stage area.

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            I get what your saying but a good example is You Tube. People upload whatever they can and You Tube still strectches 16:9 video full screen with bars. I changed the scale mode in the properties to noScale and exactFit but that only fixes my issue a bit. When it's set to maintainAspectRatio I get the bars on top and bottom.

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              Woah... ok first off lets not assume as individuals we can rebuild what a corporation took years to make - or can we?


              Do not confuse the simplicity of youtube.com as simplistic - aka there is much thought and logic behind youtube.  All videos uploaded to youtube are converted into many formats by the youtube server.  No one but youtube really knows what they do, but do not think that the video you upload is the actual video played on their site - its formatted on many levels.



              To achieve what you are asking takes a bit of trial and error.  When each video plays (so this is real time - OR you can preset this for movies but its a manual process), you would have to detect the black pixels around the video (if any) and then do a bit of math to and stretch the movie to fit the screen based on the height of the black bars.  This is the same logic in dvd players that have the ability to 'fit video to screen'.

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                You Tube is merely an example as I stated in my post. Thanks for your help.

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                  No problem.  Its a 'process' otherwise I'd add an example.