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    How to create sidenotes/footnotes from separate(d) tagged-text-files?

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      Need to do the following:


      I was provided with separate (tagged-text) files: bodytext, (foot)notes and cross-references. Now I am looking for a solution (script?) that can do the following:


      to restore the connection between the body-text, the footnotes and te cross-references after placing these in a document in Indesign.


      The cross-references should appear (in anchored text-frames) in the margin and the notes in a separate frame at the bottom of the page. If possible in the same way as footnotes in Indesign appear, but in a separate frame to be able to do some more formatting than native footnotes would accept.


      I have tested the plugin: Side Heads from InTools, and tis works well with Indesign files tthat contain footnotes. But this doesn't work with separately placed footnotes from a tagged-text-file, as they re not knotted together.


      I can't do any scripting myself.


      I would appreciate any help, and I am looking forward to your response...