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    missing project

    Lonno7 Level 1

      Hi All!


      Yesterday, I added a few new topics to a project that is merged into a Main Project; when I compiled and got the View Results button, clicked it ... nothing happened, and now the project I was working on does not appear in the Main Project.


      Any ideas?




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          Willam van Weelden Adobe Community Professional & MVP



          What output are you creating? WebHelp, CHM?


          If WebHelp, did you copy the output to the mergedProject folder of the main project output?





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            Lonno7 Level 1

            Actually, I solved the problem by doing what I thought was counter-intuitive: I removed the several topics that I'd created, compiled and -- voila -- it's working again ... topic compiles, with form allowing me to look at finished project, and reappears in the Main Project... however, a further problem remains, that of non-functional Index and Search tabs.  I'll start a new discussion for that one.