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    playback crashes PP after hardware upgrade


      I recently upgraded my editing system to the following:

      I7 980 hexcore on an ASUS p6x58-e pro motherboard (from 920 quad core on ASUS P6T)

      24G memory (Corsair Vengence)

      EVGA GTX560 video card

      Existing power supply is Corsair 750W

      I'm running Win 7 Ultimate 64bit


      I had Premire Pro 5.5.2 up and running on the old configuration without any problems, but when I run it with the new configuration and try to play or scrub through a timeline, the screens blank and the computer reboots. (No error message). It doesn't seem to matter whether the project is new or old (existing) or what the quality of the source video is. I have tried working in several other pieces of software on the machine and they all seem to work perfectly.


      I have the latest BIOS for the motherboard, the most updated driver for the video card, and I deactivated/unistalled the entire Adobe suite, ran Creative Suit Cleaner, then reinstalled and udated. Still crashes.

      Any ideas?

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          Looks like a hardware problem.

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            BwanaJeff Level 1

            Thanks for getting back to me. I'm obviously thinking hardware as well, since it all changed. But it did the same thing with my old quadro video card, and did NOT do it on the old setup but with the new memory installed. All of my monitoring software says the processor and motherboard ar fine, and nothing else causes the problem, even when I render, scrub, or play some fairly elaborate sequences in AE.

            I'll keep looking though, thanks.

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              Darren Kelly Level 1

              Did you do a clean install of Windows, CS5.5.2 and are youusing the latest drivers from Nvidia. You also need to make sure you have done the Hack, as the 560 is not on an approved list.


              When I did my hardware upgrade a week ago, I had to do all that (I upgraded the MB and changed the c drive to a new one as I couldn't get the OS and the new hardware to play nice)


              I know how tough, and long this process is. I think it would solve your problem.



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                Wil Renczes Adobe Employee

                The two most likely causes:


                - either memory specific (ie maybe your timings are off - make sure that you set exactly the right timings in your BIOS to match your memory stick's values for RAS/CAS delay, voltage, etc- if that still doesn't work, consider pulling some out & swapping them around to isolate a potentially bad stick)


                - CPU specific, either from overclocking, or just inadequate cooling - try monitoring your CPU's temperature when you attempt scrubbing/playback (ie google speedfan, that's a popular util that'll give you temp info).  If it starts shooting above 70C, you should consider better cooling.


                One other thought is perhaps the PSU isn't adequately providing enough power, even though 750W sounds like plenty (unless, it's damaged..? probably not the case, but something to consider.  The GTX 500 series pull considerably more power than their predecessors...)  Lastly, consider trying a different PCI-E slot - that *shouldn't* matter, but sometimes the act of re-seating the card fixes issues if there was bad contact on first insertion...)

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                  BwanaJeff Level 1

                  Thanks for the thoughts, Darren & Wil. I was trying to avoid a reload of Windows because this computer is on a network and I can't reset a lot of the network stuff myself. So, I pulled the motherboard and took it home where I have more freedom to mess with it, and could not even get it to boot to the BIOS, making me think that Harm was right about the hardware issue. I need to doble check, since I swapped things out in a bit of a hurry, but it doesn't bode well.

                  I'm curious about the "Hack" you talked about. I have the old motherboard and quad-core running right now, but with the new GTX560 installed (with the latest Nvidia driver) and it appears to be working fine with PP. Can you tell me more about the "hack" or tell me where to get more info?

                  I really appreciate your insights.

                  Also, I did double check the memory stick settings, and they appeared correct per the Corsair web site.


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                    Darren Kelly Level 1




                    The link above explain's the Hack, and even provides something you can download that will do it for you. It's for people who are not using CUDA approved NVidia cards. This hack makes the program see the CUDA caard, and allows you to use the mercury Playback Engine.


                    I'm using Corsair Vengence memory sticks. With the original motherboard in the HP, I think it was one of the bottlenecks. The MB I had was fine for everything, but it just couldn't handle the higher end items, like the video cards, etc.



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                      BwanaJeff Level 1

                      Thanks for the additional information. I had no idea that the Hack was necessary and it will clearly make a difference

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                        nickdbomb Level 1

                        My system was very stable with a few bugs then I updated from 5.5.1 to 5.5.2. My system started crasing.  Crashing hard!  Adobe's cleaner tool is pathetic, it only cleans the registry and barely cleans anything else. My very good friends at Adobe tech support did not have a clue.  I turned to other experts.  Here's a fix that I've used when my update from CS4 to CS5.5 blew up. I just used it again and now my system is still sick but has most of the funtionality. This was written for CS5 so adjust it to 5.5.  I also used the CCleaner tool a free download, just Google it.


                        Where to delete temp, cache files and Adobe CS5 preference folders:

                        •           Go to C:\Users\%username%\App data\Roaming\Adobe and delete the folders: Adobe Media Encoder, PProHeadless (if exists) Premiere Pro and PremierePro.

                        •           Go to C:\Users\%username%\App data\Roaming\Adobe\Common\ and delete the folders: Media Cache and Media Cache Files. You may have selected a specific location for these folders to be saved through Premiere's Edit > Preferences > Media. Please note down this location and delete the respective Media Cache folders.

                        •           Open Premiere. Go to Premiere’s Edit > Preferences > Media,  and under Media Cache Database click the Clean button. Close Premiere after this.

                        •           Go to C:\Users\%username%\My Documents\Adobe\ and delete the folders Adobe Media Encoder and Premiere Pro. Note: Make sure no project files or footage is located in these folders.

                        •           Delete any of the mtxTemp folders for your projects, usually found in your ...Adobe Premiere Pro Preview Files\mtxTemp folder of your project scratch disk location.

                        •           Go to C:\Windows\Temp and delete the contents of the Temp folder (not the Temp folder itself).

                        •           Go into Registry Editor (Start > Run and type regedit) and delete each of the cache folders located in the 5.0 folder here (do NOT delete the 5.0 folder itself, only the folder contents in 5.0): HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Adobe\Premiere Pro\5.0


                        I have the 560 card and Premiere funtions with the same problems without the update to the supported_cuda_card.txt file changed but has much better performance by adding the 560 to the list thus activating the Mercury engine.  I use the Matrox MX02 and they recommend not using 560 drivers newer than 280.26.


                        My system is having issues with the preview monitor not playing video from the bins.  I can use the perview if the clip is being played from the timeine. Doesn't matter if Mercury is on or off, same results.  Updated drivers, chipsets, software to W7 64bit level.  My Matrox is now as usefull as a brick crashing PP5.5 halfway through launching when the drivers are loaded.  Disconnect the MX02 it and PP5.5.2 works, well almost works. I've been waiting 2 days for Matrox advanced tech support to call back.  I'm guessing they might be overworked by many people with the same problem.


                        Another problem is when encoding to h.264 with Adobe Media Encoder, the AV synch is a few annoying frames off.  


                        I've unloaded any software that's not nessacary.  Turned off automatic startups of programs that run in the background unloade and reloaded Production Premium. Still having the same problems.

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                          nickdbomb Level 1

                          Update to above post:


                          Still facing a few issues I typed chkdsk /f /r in the start window.  This command will fix and repair disk directory errors.


                          It cleaned up the system and it ran much better but I still had a few issues.


                          Clearing PPCS5.5.1 preferences helped.   Launch PPCS5.5.2 from the c:/program/adobe/premiere pro.exe file while hoding down the SHIFT & CTRL keys untill the startup screen appears.


                          I ran CCLEANER registry repair tool and it corrected about five more errors. I ran it again and after rebooting and it caught another error.


                          CCLEANER is a free to download and use program


                          After all the changes defragging the system drive is recommended.  Mine was 24% fragmented. I also defragged the AV storage drives.


                          MY crashing problem was NOT Hardware related it was the Adobe software update from 5.5.1 to 5.5.2 that caused the problems.