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    Dynamic Popups?

      Hello Everyone,
      I am Currently working on a Project,and I have Scoured the Search engines,and forums,and blogs,for Days.
      I am stuck on something fairly simple i would suppose.
      Heres what im trying to accomplish,

      I have a datagrid in flex 2.0/flex builder 2.0.

      Heres what she looks like,

      <mx:DataGrid height="208" id="vb" dataProvider="{videoblog}" variableRowHeight="true" width="370" editable="false">
      <mx:DataGridColumn headerText="Video Blog">
      <mx:VBox verticalGap="2">
      source="{data.art}" height="50" width="50" click="" buttonMode="true" />
      <mx:LinkButton label="{data.artist + ' ~ ' + data.title}"/>

      Ok so this datagrid is rendering items from an xml object.
      <mx:XML id="videoblog" source="main.xml"/>

      heres what my xml looks like.


      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

      The problem im having is that the datagrid only shows 1 xml tem,and not the two.
      does anyone know what Im doing wrong?

      Is the xml structure off?
      I must be forgetting something,

      Any kind help would be greatly appreciated