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    Need some advice about field help

    George_ Level 1

      I'm a bit of a newbie to this aspect of RoboHelp and could use some advice.  We're using RoboHelp on Windows for a Microsoft HTML project.


      The help I'm working with uses the basic project (linked pages with popups), context sensitive help on each page of the software interface (help button), and field help on fields and  other buttons (click the ? mark). The developers have already added the help to the software and sent me a text string and numeric (or hex) value to map it to. I've written the help and created the text file for the field help. Everything works except the field help.


      The cheat sheet authored by the previous writer explained that you needed to create a  text file called <any_name>.txt this the help text in the format:



      Sample text for field.


      Each entry is separated by a blank line imported into the project through the "What's this" folder in the Project Set-up pod. I them created a <any_name>.h file and imported that in to the Map files folder. The format is:


      #define HID_OPTIONS_EXAMPLE      0x82bd0002

      #define HIDC_BROWSE_EXAMPLE   0x82bd1b5a


      Each entry is on a new line and the  text string is separated from the hex number by a tab. The string and the tab were given to me by development. Once compliled, I just get "No help on this field" when I test it against the software. What am I missing? The RoboHelp doc only discusses using some tool to create a separate project. Is this necessary? The writer who authored the cheat-sheet didn't use one with RoboHelp 7.


      Thanks in advance. I've worked on getting this going for a couple of days without success.