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    Flash loading very slow


      Dear Members


      Hello to all members myself is Kaustav Banerjee from India and I am into a manufacturing business. Recently I have developed our company's website through a prroffesional website designing company but unfortunately I am having serious issues with Flash in IE 9.


      Let me tell you the details


      Flash version ( The latest version )

      IE 9  version 9.0.8112.16421 ( The latest version)

      Our website  - www.ideasincrafts.com


      The problem I am having is the website takes very long time to load the flash animation and when somebody opens the home page in IE 9 the user only looks at a flash placeholder with borders. Sometimes the flash loads and sometime it doesn't. Also when the user clicks on the links of the website the flash loading precedure starts again and its quite frustrating.


      The weird thing is the flash displays preperly on the other browsers like firefox and google chrome.


      I am attaching the image of the problem.


      I really hope you members can guide us through this issue as the web designing company I am working with doesnt have a clue at all why this is happening.


      Take care all of you and Thanks


      flash issue.jpg