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    After Effects CS5.5 - Very Serious Performance Issues w/RAM Preview


      My system: Windows 7 Professional, two Intel Xeon X5650's, 12GB RAM, and a NVIDIA Quadro FX 4800.


      Problem: RAM Preview in CS5.5 gives me less than 2 fps (yes---two frames per second). This is even with the most simple of compositions. I created a 1080p 23.976 project with two simple solid layers and keyframed position and scale values for one of them with no other effects on either solid. RAM Preview gives me 1.8 fps.


      I still have AE CS5 installed and it gives me solid, predictable results with RAM Preview. When I create a similar test project inside CS5, it creates the RAM preview almost instantly and displays in proper realtime (23.976 fps).


      My settings for both CS5 and CS5.5 are similar  (and I have tried many variations in my attempt to fix this problem).




      Fast Previews: Adaptive Resolution Limit 1/4

      Enabled OpenGL and both sub-options for OpenGL enabled.




      RAM reserved for other apps: 4GB


      I have tried various settings for Multiprocessing, all of which results in the same less-than-2 fps RAM Previews. Currently I have MP'ing enabled with 1.5GB allocation per background CPU and the actual CPU's used is 4. Again, no matter what I set it to, I get the same performance issue.


      On my screen magnification ratio setting, I am using 25% and my Resolution/Down Sample is set to quarter. On my preview tab, I have tried setting my resolution from the default of "Auto" to "Quarter" with no difference.


      In summary: On the same machine, AE CS5.5 RAM Preview offers terrible performance; CS5 RAM Preview offers great performance.