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    Simple Actionscript help?


      Hi all!  I'm currently making a simple Flash game for my petsite that's kinda like Myst (if you don't know what that is, check this vid and skip to about 3:24:

      Basically, I am going to paint all the locations and areas for people to explore, and they will pick up clues and notes, and the storyline for the game. They will also have to find pets in the game, and when they do, they will have the code on them to unlock them on the site, yadda yadda.

      My problem is a simple one (I think). I have a button with a pop up menu inside of it, and when you click this button, it will play the movie clip inside of it and bring up the little message.

      I've tried this:



      on (release) {


      where "map" is the name of the frame I want it to go to inside the movie clip. I've tried to give the movie clip an instance name and make it go to the instance name, still no luck. I have no idea what to do

      My button/movie clip is layed out like this:

      Main Stage/Button--->Movie Clip with 2 frames

      How can I do this? I'm using AS2 btw.

      Thanks in advance!