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    Palette menu buttons


      LiveCycle keeps telling me that form objects are using features not available in the target version, and I should review details in the Report palette. Every bit of online help I can find tells me that I can open the Report palette using the Report palette menu button, but I can't find a Report palette menu button anywhere on my interface. It's probably right under my nose, but it's eluding me very effectively.

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          Niall O'Donovan Community Member



          You can make the Report palette visible from the Windows menu. This palette contains a Warnings tab, which will show the list the objects that have functionality that is not supported by your Target Version (File > Form Properties > Defaults tab).


          Each error will give the minimum Target Version that supports the features. Each dumb down the object or increase the Target version.


          Parallels Desktop1.png


          The Report palette menu is highlighted in green above, but you need to make the palette visible first.



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            1300virginia Community Member


            There was only one warning:


            Table1  Although the object is allowed to break, deselecting the Allow Page Breaks Within Content option of the parent object restricts the object from breaking between pages.


            I have the Reader set for version XI and that is what I am using.  So if I turn this off the table rows will not break across pages. Would this cause a crash?


            I think my bigger concern is the Log tab with the invalid append operation as I have no clue what it means or how to fix them.



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              1300virginia Community Member

              OK I reworked the tables and now there no warnings, however I am still getting a random crashes. The request is to have one continuous page form without breaks in the content. I created it first form on individual pages which totaled 12 pages then I moved all of the subforms and elements up onto page 1 and removed the empty pages so now all of the content now sits on one page.


              Would this be the correct way to build a continuous page form?

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                Niall O'Donovan Community Member

                Hi, I am sorry, but I am not able to provide support for the time being. We have an extensive library of solutions to common problems and requests on our site. I would recommend having a look at this: http://assuredynamics.com/index.php/code-solutions/ and http://assuredynamics.com/index.php/blog/.



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                  1300virginia Community Member

                  Thank you for your help and the link.