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    Color ID doc prints MOST elements in gray scale.


      Please help.  I'm at the end of my rope.  Deadline looming.


      I have an ID document that is ALL color.  When I go to print it, no matter if it's set for ID color management or printer color management, most elements of the page come out in gray scale.  It's a perfect representation of the document, only in grays.  Oddly, there are elements that print in color.  Even weirder, one object from an AI file will print in perfect color, but another object from the same AI file into the same ID doc will print gray. 


      Everything is CMYK.  I even use Bridge to control colors between programs.  I cannot figure this out.


      Any advice?


      ps... not sure it matters, but I am printing on an HP cp2025dn.  Windows 7.  CS5.