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    Search tab not working


      Earlier today I submitted a question concerning a "Missing Project" problem; since then, further problems have arisen:


      When I tried to compile the Main Project (into which about 40+ sub-projects have been merged), I got the following message:


      "Your project file, xxxxx.Help.cpd, is corrupt and cannot be opened.  Try deleting this file and reopening the XPJ."


      Following the advice given to someone else with a similar problem, I opted to rename the corrupted .cpd file and re-compile.  Of course, the Missing Project is still missing, and now the Search tab doesn't work.


      For background:  The topics I was adding to the Missing Project had no special codes, links, graphics, etc. ... just text, so I don't see how the new topics would have been the problem.


      We are almost at the point of going to the backed-up project and starting from Sunday's version, but we'd prefer not to; also, it wouldn't really address the problem, whatever it is.


      thanks for any help...



      P.S.  The Index tab isn't working, either...


      P.P.S.  ... and when I try to open the MissingProject.chm file (Start->Explore->DirectoryFolder->MissingProject.chm), I get this message:  "Cannot open the file: mk:@MSITStore:xxxx.chm"