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    Cannot Extract the Embedded Font


      I am using Adobe Acrobat X Standard on Windows 7 32-bit. When viewing a 36 page pdf document, one of the pages posted this message:


      Cannot extract the embedded font 'LHUNQF+TradeGothicLTStd-Bd2'. Some characters may not display or print correctly.


      It seems this is a common problem of Acrobat in previous versions not able to extract embedded fonts. Unfortunately, this problem persists in the current version Acrobat. Some of my users who encounter this problem are able to continue viewing the pdf document, while others, Acrobat either stalls or crashes. This is the first time seeing this. Question, is this common issue with unusual name fonts, or does this appear with common fonts like Arial or Times New Roman? Is there a fix or patch to fix this issue? Any help would be very much appreciated.