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    Choose different audio tracks in PE10 full version possible?!


      Oky, I have tested this with Adobe PE10, but WHERE do I choose which audio track I want to import/use in the timeline?! Where can I see if the clip has more than 1 stream in Adobe Premiere Elements 10? I have tried looking in settings etc., but no luck. I KNOW that my video got 4 different audio tracks in it, but when I add the media to Adobe PE10 (it's a .m2ts-format file), only 1 stream (the DEFAULT audio stream, which is the WRONG stream) is what I get. Where are the other 3 audio streams, and how can I use them? It's nothing special about the clip itself. I can play the audio and video in the timeline, it just got the wrong audio stream...


      I am asking because I see many articles/posts that mention you can do this in PE10, but I don't understand where... So far I have yet to find ANY video editing software that supports this.


      And converting the audio FROM the .m2ts-file using a 3rd-party program is out of the question as well. If it does not work with PE10, then I have to find another solution, I suppose.