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    Is it possible to......??


      Hi, I'm using Designer 7.0 and have 2 questions.....


      1 - Is it possible to add a password to the signature field so when I go to sign my form I first have to enter a password?


      2 - Can the PDF be set up so that all fields must be populated before the user is allowed to sign?


      Am new to this so any help is much appreciated!

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          paulk07 Level 3

          Not with Designer 7.0 alone.  I believe you could do this if you purchase the Reader extension service

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            kjaeggin Level 1

            The signature field by definition, should require you to enter a password when you sign the form with your digital certificate.

            As well, Acrobat / Reader has built in logic which automatically validate mandatory fields by coloring them, before a submit event. On a signature field, you could cancel the sign operation using the following script on the preSign event of the signature field to prevent the form from being signed:



            xfa.event.cancelAction = 1; // this will cancel the sign action. Requires reader 9.0 or later.




            if (xfa.form.execValidate() == 0) {

                    xfa.event.cancelAction = 1



            I would recommend upgrading though, since the 7.0 products have end-of-lifed with respect to support.