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    CS4 Double-Sided Pamphlet

    KaileneD Level 1

      I'm rather new to the InDesign printing process.  I have a 65 page pamphlet, each page 5 inches by 5 inches- thus, an entire spread can fit on a 8.5x11.  I want to print double-sided and I want to stack the papers and stitch down the middle. What options should I choose to print?  I don't understand the printing presets at all.

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          What you are looking for is called Print Booklet, and it's under the File menu.


          That said, 65 pages is a bit of a problem. Folded and stitched books need to be constructed in multiples of 4 -- two pages on each side of each printed sheet. Some of those pages can be blank (and you need to set up the print dialog for Print Booklet to include blank pages). In the case of a 65-page document you have 3 choices: lose a page, add three, either blank or with additional content in positions of your choice, or let ID add three blank pages at the end automatically, whcih will probably not give you the booklet you expect if you intended a back cover.