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    Transferring e-books to a Kobo Touch


      So I downloaded Digital Editions and pulled a couple of books from the public library into my Digital Editions library.  I transferred both books to my Kobo Touch (per the Digital Editions instructions) and they are showing that they are there on the Digital Editions program (on the bookshelf), but they haven't reached my Kobo.  Am I missing something?

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          Frustrated in AZ Level 4

          The process may not have completed.  Going through it from start to

          finish:  plug in the Kobo to the computer.  If it's a Windows PC, and it's

          the first time you've plugged it in, you'll see a message at the lower

          right saying 'Found New Hardware'.  The PC software will go through several

          internal routines that identify the device type, and it should show you an

          external hard drive has been connected.  When it's done doing its software

          checking, the PC will post a message saying that 'Your New Hardware Is

          Ready To Use', with a drive letter and ID in the message (sometimes).  If

          you've gone through this process before, no messages will appear, but the

          drive letter will be displayed if you use My Computer or Windows Explorer

          to look for it.  The KOBO ereader should show you a message that says it's

          connected to the PC.


          Next, open Digital Editions.  The KOBO ereader should show up on the

          bookshelf in Library view (left hand side of the screen).  You can download

          ebooks to Digital Editions and then drag and drop them from the list of the

          bookshelf (right side of the screen) to the KOBO.  When you are finished,

          you need to follow a disconnect procedure.


          First, close Digital Editions.  Your KOBO should tell you that it's

          updating itself.  LEAVE THE KOBO CONNECTED until it tells you that it's

          done with its updates.  Then, remove the KOBO from your computer by

          stopping the drive letter via My Computer or Windows Explorer.  When that's

          done, unplug the KOBO.  After a moment or two, the KOBO will be ready for

          you to check its bookshelf to see whether the transfer worked.


          Hope this helps!