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    Color difference between render and preview in Dynamic Link


      I've recently started using Premiere Pro CS5.5 over Final Cut 7 and I'm loving Dynamic Link so far (I primarily work in After Effects and all my edits are motion graphics heavy). Just ran into a weird occurence though where when I render my AE comps in the PPro timeline it comes out with incorrect colors. Rendering from AE is fine so as a workaround I've pre-rendered the comp, but I'm just curious what might be causing the problem since I hope to be able to use Dynamic Link in as many cases as possible going forward since it makes life so much easier.


      See below images for comparison:


      PPro with yellow bar:

      Screen Shot 2011-11-15 at 5.46.33 PM.png

      Premiere Pro with green bar:

      Screen Shot 2011-11-15 at 5.47.29 PM.png

      I'm using Box Blur and Exposure in AE to create a blow out effect for this transition and as you can see once I render it in Premiere it's adding a horrible wrap-back yellow color to the  highest white values or something. I'm in 32bit color in AE. Not sure how color management works in PPro so maybe this is due to my ignorance since I'm new to day-to-day use of this program.


      Any help would be appreciated! Sorry if this is a common question/obvious answer - I wasn't sure what to search for.

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          No replies yet... bad sign?


          Did some more troublehsooting on the issue this morning.

          -Doesn't occur with 8 or 16bit color space in AE, only 32bit. (I discovered another bug with DL in the process - changing the bit depth of an AE project doesn't update the results in PPro - you have to force an update by scrubbing some value.)

          -Doesn't occur with DV size AE comps, regardless of bit depth.

          -You don't have to render to see when it's going to happen, previewing any edit operation on the linked comp (trim, slip, slide, etc) in the Program monitor shows the false colors.


          So basically it looks like any time you get into those super-high float values in 32bit, Premiere clamps them back with incorrect color values instead of keeping them pure white. This is most easily seen with the Exposure effect but by stacking Brightness and Contrast effects in AE you can see the same result.


          I guess this is a bug then? Curious to hear other people's thoughts...