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    flash.desktop.NativeDragManager for browsers?


      In actionscript to have the following classes AdobeAir importable:



      import flash.desktop.NativeDragManager

      import flash.desktop.NativeDragEvent

      import flash.desktop.NativeDragActions //(link, move, copy e none)


      These classes are meant to work with the desktop files draggedonto the application made in AdobeAir become manageable.

      For example if I want to drag up to three photos of the AIR application and then upload the same.

      Up to and normal. But these functions are not enabled in browsers that is, if I create a SWF for browsers like IE, Firefox,Webkit does not work, precisely because the class is unique to AIR.

      However the Silverligth that is a competitor, has support for browsers Events Drag and Drop file.

      Because Adobe does not release the classes in plugins and activex browser, so we can create sites more interactive?

      Thanks for reading.