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    Lightroom -traceback debugging tip

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      Excerpt from post by Dan Tull at http://feedback.photoshop.com/photoshop_family/topics/how_to_better_understand_when_lr_bug s_bite_can_we_somehow_activate_logging


      To get Lightroom traceback info:


      1. Right click the Lightroom icon you use to launch on the desktop and choose Copy from the menu.
      2. Right click the Desktop and choose Paste from the menu.
      3. Right click the new icon and choose Properties... from the menu.
      4. In the Target field of the properties dialog append -tracebacks (separated from the path by a space):
      (It will look like this at the end when you're done (leave the rest of the path alone): lightroom.exe" -tracebacks)
      5. In the general tab, you might also want to change the name so you can easily visually distinguish this new icon from the original (we'll delete it when we're done).
      6. Go to this site in your browser: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sy...
      7. On the right hand side of the page, click the "Run DebugView" link (it's safe – it's just a debug output viewer from Microsoft)
      8. Click through the Eula if necessary.
      9. With DebugView running, double click the new icon we created in steps 1-5.
      10. Repeat the steps in Lightroom that cause the error message or hang that you are seeing.
      11. Save the output. You can either highlight and copy/paste or choose "Save as..." from the menu to save the output to a file.


      1. In Finder, navigate to the Utilities subfolder of the Applications folder (Command + Shift + U).
      2. Double Click Terminal.app
      3. Paste the following text: '/Applications/Adobe Lightroom 3.app/Contents/MacOS/Adobe Lightroom 3' -tracebacks
      (Note that this may be different for some versions of LR, like RC/Beta releases, etc)
      4. Press enter to start.
      5. Repeat the steps in Lightroom that cause the error message or hang that you are seeing.
      6. Use the Shell -> Export Text As... menu item (Command + S) to save the output to a file (or select it for copy and paste).


      Note that the output this produces requires the exact build number of LR that emitted it to be translated into a stack trace with source file names and line numbers.