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    Passing params to Javascript

      Greetings. I'll be grateful for assistance on this -- I've gone through many of the posts, but none of the solutions quite seem to work for me. My problem is straightforward enough: I have an external .flv that plays through the FLVPlayback component. I have a help button below it that, when clicked, is supposed to open a URL, passing a GUID for the video and the value (in seconds) of the FLV playheadTime.

      getURL works great, but opens a large window. I'd like to resize it down, and get rid of the address bar, etc. My problem is that I can't figure out a way to paste the value of a URL string containing the two variables (videoID, videoTime) into the javascript:open.window function. I've tried various suggestions from this site, but none do the trick. So, assuming I have a variable "myURL" -- a text string of " http://www.site.com/page.html?videoID=101&videoTime=120" -- can someone give me the exact syntax for getURL to open it in a new window at, say, 300x300?

      One other wrinkle that may account for some of my difficulty: the .swf that does this is a second file loaded in _level1 with the loadMovieNum function, so I don't have a native html file that corresponds to it.

      Thanks in advance. I apologize that I haven't been able to figure this out from other postings.