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    Problem with IE while loading a url using IFrame

    kochukavi Level 1



      Can you please provide solution for the following problem?


      I used IFrame to access a different URL in <mx:Script>  from one page. Code exerpts are as follows:


                String url = 'https://' + ipaddress;

                var fr:IFrame = model.dictionary[ipaddress]; // dictionary is of type flash.utils.Dictionary

                   if (fr == null)


                          fr = new IFrame(ipAddress);

                          fr.source = url;

                          fr.percentHeight = 100;

                          fr.percentWidth = 100;

                          fr.visible = true;

                          fr.includeInLayout = true;

                          model.dictionary[ipaddress] = fr; // points the IFrame to dictionary


                          if (model.currentframe != null)


                              model.currentframe.visible = false;

                              model.currentframe.includeInLayout = false;



                          model.currentframe = fr;


                          this.addChild(fr); // adds this frame as child for parent component



      The same code works well with Firefox but throws up an error with IE. It is due to security settings in IE and if the security settings are made low, the new page is loaded.


      Have you ever come across such a problem? Is there any workaround for this problem?


      For some other sites with https, chrome also showed up some problem while loading the page