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    Is there a way to add text to pdf templates?


      A client of mine wanted a invoice template. I designed it in indesign with such things as Date:          Company name:   


      and my client would like to then add the information in after the text. I hope this makes sense.


      Is there a way to supply a template file using acrobat where my client can then fill in the details on the template?



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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          This sounds like a PDF form (which will need to be finished in Acrobat Pro after export from ID). Forms can be filled in in Reader and then printed, though the more common uses would be to send the form out to other users, have them fill them in and return them to collect data.


          The latter use has some licensing restictions on quantity, but as far as I know if the form is used in-house to produce an invoice and that invoice is printed and mailed, there would be no limits.