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    embedded tables adopting the formating of the parent table


      Hello community!


      So I do try for a number of hours to consider a solution before posting to the forums but I have better things to do than to wallow in the pith of Adobe madness for hours and so I should first like to anounce my membership into the Robohelp Haters Club - having risen rapidly to the rank of Vehiment Loather!  Yes, Adobe, if my words are headed in the organisation for which I currently write, your end is nigh!


      My second and most important issue is regarding the embedding of tables into tables.  The facts:

      • Robohelp HTML (Webhelp) V9
      • My parent table contains a bottom line on the first row. 
      • My embedded table contains shading in all rows.
      • My embedded table is not supposed to have a bottom line in the first row.
        • It does.
        • Any attempt to remove it fails - attempted to edit table properties, HTML code directly, and pull my hair out.  None of it worked and now I'm bald.
      • There are better webhelp solutions on the market and I'm begging and pleading with my manager to implement them!


      Also, when generating the project, the toolbar appears to be missing its bottom line (seperating it from the topic). How can I change the toolbar border to add this line?

      • I have tried adding a line to the body but that vanishes as soon as you scroll down.


      Any assistance as always appreciated.

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          Willam van Weelden Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hi again,


          Perhaps better to stay with Flare if RoboHelp causes you so much trouble


          This problem is most likely a CSS inheritance problem. The selectors in your css from the parent table overwrite the selectors in the css from your nested table. For these nested tables to work, you need to manually adjust the selectors to make it work... You need to created a style for the nested table, such as table.parent table.child tr:first-child { border-bottom: none; }


          If you can zip up a sample topic with the nested tables and you style sheet and send those to contact [at] wvanweelden [dot] eu, I can take a look and try to amend the css for you.





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            AnyAvailableUsername Level 1

            Thanks again Willam - your advice was on the button.  I did actually investigate the CSS but found it skulking away in the corner.


            As for Flare, yes, I would use it, except my boss believes that importing word documents is better handled in robohelp, and doesn't want to pay for a second solution.


            Cheers again