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    RoboHelp version problem


      I had RoboHelp 8.0 installed in my machine initially, which had crashed a few weeks back. Eventually the administrators got both RoboHelp 8.0 and 9.0 in the same machine. On my request the 9.0 version was removed, but as soon as a source file was opened I was getting a weird message " This project is from a newer version of the program.This project is no longer compatible with this version. Please make sure you have the newest version installed."


      Can somebody provide me with a solution.



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          Priyank Shrivastava. Adobe Employee

          Hi Subarna,


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          If your getting this error message, please check the Adobe Robohelp HTML version, if it is Robohelp 8.0.0, then update it to Robohelp 8.0.2 then try and open your project. Also you need to make sure that you didn't open your project in Robohelp 9 because backward compatiblity is not possible, only way to open the project in Robohelp 8 by renaming or deleting the CPD. But first try these steps and see if that works.


          Here is link to download the Updates.



          Hope this helps.


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