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    Changing toolbar height to remove space above buttons?

    peter braham

      RH 8

      I had a look at Rick Stones' skinny on skins and think I followed the instructions but could not reduce the height of the toolbar, which currently is about twice the height of the buttons and so is really just wasted space.

      Has anyone done this successfully for RH 8 webhelp?



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          Willam van Weelden Level 5



          There are two things you can try:

          • Open the project start file of the output in a text editor and scroll to the bottom. You can amend the height of the toolbar in the variable. It looks something like var strHTML = "<frameset rows=\"43,*\". Amend the first value to suit your needs.
          • Open the .skn file in notepad and set the frameset rows there to the correct height. I'm not sure which setting you need to modify in that file, so you'll have to try a bit and see what happens.





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            peter braham Level 1



            Thanks for that - it gets us one step forward...


            The first idea works: in the webhelp folder, I find in the start file (and also in the identical file whskin_homepage.htm):

            var strHTML = "<frameset rows=\""77\"


            and when I change the number of rows yes I can change the height of the toolbar.


            All good but we can't patch our output files every time - because we do nightly builds.


            In the skin file, what seems to be the appropriate frameset definition has rows=(1,*), and none of the frameset rows has a sensible number : they are all 1 or *. Clearly the height must be calculated and written by something.


            I would guess something under Program Files\....RoboHelp 8\RoboHTML\WebHelp5Ext\  produces the number for the height of the toolbar, but I can't see where or what it uses used as a basis for calculation...The code is just to hard to follow (for me).


            Any hints?