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    [JS CS4 CS5] Setting preferences for hyperlink properties

    richardh6 Level 1

      This is not, strictly speaking, a scripting question, but it's possible that scripting may be the only way to get this accomplished.


      I want all new hyperlinks created by InDesign and InCopy users to have a certain set of properties, namely:


              borderColor: [183, 27, 23],  // Burgundy, roughly.
              borderStyle: HyperlinkAppearanceStyle.DASHED,
              width: HyperlinkAppearanceWidth.THIN,
              visible: true,


      I can't seem to find any preference that I can set that will allow me to do this. I have to do it manually, or by periodically setting the properties document- or application-wide with everyItem(). But that's not good enough. I need it to be the default.


      Hyperlinks used to show up automatically as black rectangles for us, and now they show up invisible. So because I have personally witnessed some change in the default behavior, I feel sure there must be a preference I can set somewhere. But it's possible that was just the switchover from standard behavior in CS4 to standard behavior in CS5.


      Any ideas?