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    Swap symbol - improvement idea

    luckyfire86-_- Level 1

      Dear totally awesome people who make flash,


      I might have an idea for you so you could make flash even more awesome << I bet you hear this all the time ^^;;


      When you duplicate a symbol flash auto renames it to [<name symbol> copy].

      Then when you have 2 identical symbols on the screen and you wish to swap it for an other symbol (like the duplicate you just made) the current symbol name is at the bottom of the list you can choose symbols from to swap to.

      However I will need to scroll down in order to navigate to the symbol copy as it comes later in alphabetical order, and isn't visible in the screen before I scroll down.

      If the current symbol name would be pre selected in the middle of the list then I could more easily select symbols in the list to 1-3 up or 1-3 down and wouldn't have to scroll.

      And thus my work flow would go faster, as my Wacom doesn't have a scroll wheel and I must use the slider each time.


      Keep doing the good work <3




      John, Animator