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    Importing / Linking Excel Charts in ID (coming from PageMaker)




      Our company currently still uses PageMaker for layout. I would like to transition to InDesign,

      mainly because I would like to automate the printing process (change customer logos etc.)

      rather than doing them by hand.


      We have multiple Excel spreadsheets and charts linked to the PageMaker files,

      which upon opening the .pmd, are updated to its latest version, so we don't have to place them over and over every time.


      I briefly discussed our transition plans with our technical department and

      they advised me to stay with PageMaker, because InDesign would be unable to import Excel charts and "link"

      them with the corresponding Excel file, like Pagemaker was able to do.


      Is this true? If yes, that's a fundamental function, any work-around?


      Thanks and have a great week.