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    Short sighted Adobe executives YALR


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      YALR - Yet another Linux rant.


      So here I am sitting on my Linux machine, yeah yeah yeah, Ive read Chris Cox`s replies and the general response as to why Photoshop has not being ported to Linux is because there is not a large enough user base for the product. This despite the fact that many small software developers are able to port their software to many platforms  such as Skype, Mozilla browsers and email clients, Heroes of Newerth games, Sun Office, VLC player, Filezilla, Chrome, Audacity, Gimp and several hundred other smaller programs. I find it astonishing that these smaller developers can produce software that is cross platform... but Adobe cant. You guys should send teams to these smaller software houses to see how its done, because clearly you guys are lacking there.


      Anyways, the excuse that the market is not there... is the reason why I am making this post. Its a stupid argument and has cost Adobe in the past. Let me quote from Steve Jobs autobiography that I have just finished:


      This happened around October 1999. Steve Jobs was doing well the the release of the iMac, and he wanted Adobe to write photoshop for the Mac... this is what happened.


      "Adobe executives stunned Jobs by flatly turning them down. The Macintosh, they said, had too few users to make it worthwhile" (page 824)


      What was the end result of this silly approach by Adobe executives? Apple went on to develop many competitive products to their products (Like iDVD, iMovie, iPhoto and GarageBand) and Apple made a killing.


      This is EXACTLY what is happening in the Linux world. Because Adobe executives are so short sighted they are killing their own market. If their (Adobe Executives) strategy is to beat the competition by creating more compeition then their plan is working 100%, because thats exactly what is happening. Software like Gimp that would never have seen the light of day is growing because Adobe execs are giving Linux users no alternatives. 


      They pissed off Steve Jobs so much as he basically gave Adobe its original platform, that he was angry and you saw that anger manifest itself many years later when Steve Jobs went after Adobe Flash.


      This anger I understand. I am angry at Adobe. Im pretty livid. I know most of their code is C based and its not that hard to port to linux and I feel anger just like Steve Jobs did. If you snub the Linux community long enough its going to snub you back. Adobe actually has the chance to win the hearts and minds of the Linux community... but theyre screwing it up with their bad decisions. It cost Adobe in the past and I can guarantee you, that history will repeat itself. Adobe will lose out on one of the fastest growing markets and eventually come cap in hand in the future when they finally realize (through lack of sales or a viable competitor) that they turned their backs on the fastest growing OS in the world.


      This is how it is for me. I am really upset at Adobe as a brand. I think their executives are making terrible decisions and those short sighted decisions are effecting me. As much as possible now I am going to avoid Adobe products and I will no longer be a supporter for Adobe in their war with Apple. Im on Apple`s side now after reading this. The first competitor that can offer me a similar product to Adobe (and I dont care if its twice the price) Photoshop on Linux... we`ll Ill be supporting them 10000% of the way.


      Adobe need to man up and get this done already. Stop being idiots. Linux is on more devices than any other OS. Its a stunning stable platform for your product. The developers will flock to it given the choice that you have taken away from them. It makes me so upset thinking what you guys are capable of, and then see`ing these terrible chocies by your executives. Adobe was wrong with OSX and theyre ganna be wrong AGAIN with Linux.

      Somoeone needs to walk up to those executives and give them a headslap. Hopefully then we will see some common sense from a bunch of overpaid sharks unable to understand the future of computing. As you can see I am pissed off at Adobe now, I dont trust them anymore and I am not alone in these feelings.