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    Premiere Elements 10 - Moving Pictures to Time Line

    Dave Kimball

      Have version 10 and no manual is available yet, so a simple question im sure.


      I have say 100 pictures that I want to move into my movie, making a slide show of sorts.


      Is there a way to move them all and set the time (or number of frames) that each picture is shown.


      So select all 100 pictures and move to time line and set the time to display each one to 1 second as example.


      Is there a way to select multiple pictures on the time line and set them all to be shown for a specific time.

      I know that a silgle item can be selected on the time line and manualy dragged to make it a specifice time,

      but can this time be entered by entering a time/frames value?  I'd like to change the time on all 100 at the same time.


      My objective is to make a fast moving slide show from pictures, being able to set the on screen time for each one to

      the same value, all at once, not having to select each one on the time line and manually adjust it picture by picture.



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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Sure is.


          First, before you load the photos into Premiere Elements, go to Edit/Preferences and set the duration for each still. You must do this before you import your pictures because it only affects stills added after you make this change.


          Then, before you bring your pictures in, open them in a program like Photoshop Elements and make sure they are all no larger than 1000x750 pixels. Photo Elements has a batch change feature under the File menu called Process Multiple Files.


          Then use Get Media/From Files and Folders and bring your pictures into your project. If you've got them named in alpha numeric order, they'll appear in the Media panel in the right order and you can grab them all at once and drag them to the timeline. Voila!


          All of this and more is in my books, by the way -- for better or worse, the ONLY manuals for Premiere Elements and the Photo Elements/Premiere Elements combo (aside from Adobe's Classroom in a Book). You can read about it and see some walk-throughs of its new features here:


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            Dave Kimball Level 1



            Thanks for your answer! :-)


            I never would have looked there for the solution.


            I have a follow up question if you can,  Why the limit on the picture file size?


            Don't have Photoshop Elements for the batch processing, but I think I can do the same thing with Lightroom 3..



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              the_wine_snob Level 9



              There are three considerations on pixel x pixel dimensions (all that matters - PPI, DPI or LPI, are meaningless):


              • Max size that PrE can handle - this was 4096 x 4096, but might have changed with PrE 10
              • Scaling algorithms in PrE are not as good, as the ones in PS, or PSE, and also lack some of the control - they are automatic, plain Bicubic
              • When one has more pixels, than can be displayed, each extra pixel exacts a toll in overhead, as PrE must process those too. With many overly-large Still Images, even a very stout computer can be brought to its knees.


              This ARTICLE goes into more detail. Note: further down, there is discussion on changes with PrPro CS5 & 5.5. None of the changes, MPE & CUDA support, apply in PrE, so you can disregard those.


              Good luck,



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