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    setting preferences for hyperlink display properties

    richardh6 Level 1

      I want all new hyperlinks created by InDesign and InCopy users at my site to have a certain set of properties. I want them to be sort of orange, with a thin dotted line around them. This is not so that they can be exported to pdf with buttons, but just so that we can preserve links in text for a print paper which is later going to be exported to the web, and I have a script that expands them into html at that point.


      But I can't seem to find any preference that I can set that will allow me to set default display options for all hyperlinks newly created by users.  Hyperlinks used to show up automatically as black rectangles for us, and now they show up invisible. So because I have personally witnessed some change in the default behavior, I feel sure there must be a preference I can set somewhere. But it's possible that was just the switchover from standard behavior in CS4 to standard behavior in CS5.


      Any ideas?