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    AS question

      I need some help. My Action Scripting is rusty and I haven't messed with flash in a few years. But I am using AS1.0/2.0 on flash CS3 (and AS3.0 scripting is fine if it applies).

      I want to tell a button to play a certain amount of frames after being clicked and when those frames play an animation happens and then when it is done the play head will jump to the correct frame for that button.

      So lets say I'm on frame 20 which is the destination of Button B. When I click on Button A my AS will tell it to play the next 6 frames which contains my MovieClip animations and when it hits that 6th frame the play head will move to frame 6 which is the destination of Button A.

      IS THIS POSSIBLE?? I don't see why not I just can't figure it out. :P If any body has the solution or a better solution to this that would be great!

      - Cole
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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          there are many ways to do this. the easiest to code is to assign a variable in your button (say nextframe=6, the destination fo button A) and cause the timeline to play. then in the last frame of your outro, use a movieclip.gotoAndPlay(nextframe) statement.