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    Question-How to fix Robohelp8 window keeps focus when it shouldn't?


      I converted a robohelp 8 for word project to robohelp 8 for HTML this year.  The software GUI it is part of is created with PowerBuilder 12.1.  The HTML help works fine in the application, except that once the help window is opened, only that window has focus. If you navigate to another GUI window and keep the help opened, it remains in the back which is correct.  If you navigate back to the original GUI window, the help window is "stuck" on top where it originally was, when it should be in the background.  The old robohelp for word doesn't have this problem.  I have checked all the window properties settings, and all are basic default values.  I do have the "remember size and position" option turned on, so that you can move the help window out of the way of the GUI, and then it works fine.  But my developers want the focus issue to be fixed.  It occurs both in XP and  Windows 7.  Is this something I can fix in robohelp?  Or is it a PowerBuilder issue?


      I have another help project created with robohelp 8 html with same window properties & that one does not have this problem.  That GUI is created with Visual Studio 2008.


      Thank you very much!!