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    Is it possible to recover a corrupted .fla file?

    MadJackBackrub Level 1



      First and foremost, yes I know back ups, back ups.  I used 2 of my backups already.


      Alright, so I was working on an animation for a project and Flash told me it couldn't save and Save As wasn't working.  The program crashed and the file I was working on was corrupted.

      I doubled my effort on getting back to where I was on my project, being extra careful not to do what caused it to crash before.  Unfortunately, fate was not on my side, and it did it again.

      So, it was actually pretty cool looking and its due for a project at noon.  Obviously I'm screwed, but still I like to keep on to my projects and upload them to megaswf or something to share on facebook.

      So, is my 6 kb (formerly something in the 50 mbs) file still salvagable or were my sleepless nights for naught?


      I'm using CS5 btw.


      Thanks in advance.