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    Need advice: How to add markers in one long dance chapter or section

    nefl777 Level 1

      hi guys, need your general advice on this. First, I need to clarify my understanding of "markers" because I've read and reread the help pages and I hope I'm interpreting this correctly. As I read it, a Marker is nothing more than a marker used only by me, the editor, while a Chapter Marker is used by Encore and is a chapter on the DVD. is that right? In other words, a "marker" is not used by the DVD viewer. Do I have that right? That said, here's my question.


      My project is a wedding video. I have added the usual chapter markers (for encore to use) at a handful of points along the timeline. I have a "dance" chapter that is quite long - like 45 minutes. I would like the user to be able to hit "next" on that individual chapter to navigate thru the 45 minute length of dancing, but I don't want them to be Encore chapter markers. So when they get to the Dancing chapter if they hit "next" they will advance 5 minutes into the chapter and so on... hitting next and going the next 5 minutes. 


      Is this possible ? I know there is an Encore menu option to "create markers every x minutes" but I only want that to happen in this individual dance chapter, not the entire length of DVD.


      One approach I thought of was to just create the encore chapter markers, let encore create the menus with the links to the timeline, and then delete the resulting menus.  would that be bad ?


      What is your advice on how to do this? if it's possible.


      thanks everyone!!