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    User help text that dissappears when users enter that field.

    DKinsley Level 1

      I want to add some text in several text fields (value side) that explains to the user exactly what to enter in that field. When the user clicks into the field, the help text disappears and only the cursor remains.


      I added the text as the default value and formatted it to be light gray. In the Action Builder, I set it up so when the user enters that field, the value is set to null and the foreground color is changed to black. This works great but when you actually start using the form, if you enter that field and add some text, then exit and then go back to add more to that field, what you had there disappears when you re-enter the field. Is there a way around this problem. I tried creating a Tool Tip but unless you hold the cursor completely still in that field, the tool tip does not appear.


      Thanks for your help...