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    Premier Pro CS5 (Mac) to WMV Workflow


      I’m looking for a recommendation on a process that eventually yields a good quality WMV file. I’m using Premier Pro CS5 on a Mac and I need to have a finished WMV file for a corporate intranet. Normally, I deploy a H.264/.MP4 combination via the Adobe Media Encoder, so I’m not sure what settings and process I need to get a nice looking WMV. The final size will be 640 x 360.

      I really appreciate your advice.




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          Todd_Kopriva Level 8

          Create a losslessly compressed master file on your Mac and then take the file to a computer running Windows and convert the file to WMV using the free Microsoft encoder.


          I use Bootcamp on my Mac, so I can do this on the same computer, just booting to Windows to use the encoder for WMV.

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            aakearns Level 1



            Thank you for your assistance.  I have one more question.  When you say "losslessly compressed master," would that mean a QuickTime format and a video codec of Uncompressed YUV 8 bit?  Sorry, I'm a bit of a novice and I'm really use to using the Media Encoder and kicking out a H.264/MP4.  Would you tell me what format and codec you normally select from the Media Encoder dropdown menus?  Thanks again.

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              legendofthegoose Level 1

              I have a similiar question. My only difference is that I need to have my final product in HD quality, 1280 x 720.


              Currently I own the full version of Flip4Mac. My workflow is export from Preimiere Pro as MPEG-2, then use MPEG Streamclip to convert. However I recently reset my computer and lost my MPEG-2 Compontent that Apple now wants me to pay $30 for.


              so my question and Andy's are basically the same - what is the optimal format to export from Preimiere that Streamclip (or another WMV convertor) could read then convert?

              My addition to the question is, one that would preserve the HD quality?


              Any help with this is much appreciated!



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                Colin Brougham Level 6

                Just use QuickTime with the codec set to None. There are other third-party codecs that are good too, like Avid DNxHD--it's free and will create a smaller but still excellent-looking file (much better than MPEG2).

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                  legendofthegoose Level 1

                  mmm, I was confusing "presents" option with the idea of a codec, when in fact you change the codec option in the video tab below the initial setup. I now see many more options available to try, I'll test out your suggestion as well.

                  Thanks much!

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                    Colin Brougham Level 6

                    Ah, yes. Some formats specify the codec--for example, H.264 or MPEG2--while other formats (that's "Formats" in the Export Settings parlance) can contain many different codecs. QuickTime is an example of this, as is Microsoft AVI (though that's not available on Mac).


                    Another popular codec in QuickTime is PNG; you might try that and see what the quality-to-filesize ratio is like.

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                      aakearns Level 1



                      Here’s the process that produced good results.  From Premier on the Mac, I kicked out a QuickTime file and used the Uncompressed YUV 8 bit 4:2:2 codec.  Then I copied the file to a PC and used the free Microsoft Expression Encoder SP1 to create the WMV.  This is the replacement for the old Microsoft encoder.  Thanks Todd for starting me in the right direction.  After using the best settings in the Expression Encoder, I had a nice looking file.


                      I will mention that I also have a copy of Premier for Windows and tried kicking out a WMV after moving my project and files.  It may be user error, but I thought the quality of the WMV from the Adobe media encoder looked bad.  I had much better results when I used the free Microsoft product.  I appreciate the comments and I hope this process might help you.



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                        Jim Curtis Level 3

                        First of all, there is no such thing as a "good quality WMV" from a Mac in my experience.  It's a horrible codec, and always looks like garbage to me, no matter how high a bit-rate I set. 


                        But, that's a personal opinion; not scientific; an "eye of the beholder" thing. 


                        I try to talk my clients out of using / requesting WMV.  FLV and MP4 look much better, are cross-platform, and can be exported from Pr Mac.


                        Anyway, when I lose that battle, I export ProRes from Pr, and use QT Pro with Flip4Mac installed to make WMVs.  The Flip4Mac plug-in lets you save presets to use within QT Pro.  I also use QT enabled apps like QT Amateur and Sorenson Squeeze to do batch exporting.  One could even use FCP just to do batch exports, as it allows WMV from within the application, unlike Pr for Mac.  And as others have posted, other apps like MPEG Streamclip also offer batch transcoding.


                        My sister has both Macs and Windows machines, and she says the quality is much better when using a Windows system to make WMVs.  So, perhaps my beef isn't so much with WMV, but with the Flip4Mac plug-in (which is the only way to get to and from WMV with a Mac).