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    What PSE problem causes program to stop working correctly


      When I use the Guided edit to do a Photo Merge (group shot, faces scene cleaner) the program shuts down.  Specifically I get a pop up window from Microsoft Windows that says:  Adobe Photoshop Elements (Editor) has stopped working.  A problem casued the program to stop working correctly.  Window will cose the program and notify you if a solution is available.


      I can do everything else with PSE and I've used the photo merge over a year ago and it worked fine.  Any suggestions?


      I am used PSE 7 on Vista (32bit)

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          99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP


          The editor prefs often get corrupted. You may need to rebuild the editor preferences to resolve any conflicts.


          Hold down the Ctrl+Shift+Alt keys and simultaneously click on the Edit button on the welcome screen. Release the three keys and look behind the welcome screen by closing it. Or hold down the keys whilst double clicking on PhotoshopElementsEditor.exe in Program Files


          You should see a pop up box with the words: Delete Adobe Photoshop Elements Settings File?


          Click on Yes


          Close down Elements and re-open it in the normal way - then wait whilst it rebuilds the preferences.