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    3D stereo setup for editing

    Chris BMS

      I've been charged with coming up for a solution to allow for both our modelers (using Maya 2011) and our designers (using the stereo rig in CS5.5) that will allow them to preview their content in stereo on their machines (ex: in the composition window in AE).  Meaning new monitors, glasses, and graphics cards across the board.  After doing some research, it looks like NVidia's 3D Vision Pro with a Quadro card provides a hassle free means of viewing stereo content on ones own machine; however, there is no support for Macs (which is what our designers are running.) 


      Ideally I'd like to find a solution that is consistent across Windows (Win 7 Pro for our modelers) and Macs for our designers; such that we could both re-purpose the hardware if necessary in the future and provide a consistent use across the studio.  I've not been able to find any solution that supports Macs out of the box.  I'm continuing to look into this but I'd like to know what are other studios are using in their workflow?

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          Chris BMS Level 1

          After doing some more research and calling Apple, all signs are pointing to this is not something which OS X supports presently.  So far it seems the alternatives are using Boot Camp or a second Windows / Linux machine to preview the content.

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            Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Have you considered sedning a side by side image to any one of the new stereo tv sets. That's what one shop that I visit does and it's working great.

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              Chris BMS Level 1

              I had not considered that.  I'll take a look into some options for that.  My assumption would be to get a card that supports HDMI 1.4 out, or a TV that supports VGA or DMI in, both of which are fairly common, and use it as an additional monitor.  My questions on that front would be if / how would the framerate options of the TV effect the stereo preview and what concerns would I need to take into consideration when acquiring said TV?


              Thanks for the lead.  I'll be looking more into this option and see what I can find.

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                crydrk Level 1

                I don't know what your price range is, but in my opinion, zalman trimon monitors work well. You can use the interlace method in maya and ae.



                Passive 3d

                Afaik supported for mac

                In my experience with the nvidia system, viewing 3d was a hassle and the infrared often lost connection making peoples eyes suddenly freak out. (the latter issue may have been because we were in a room that was brighter than average) Whereas running stereo in interlaced is very quick and simple



                Pretty expensive I think

                Less resolution (but imo a more than fair trade)

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                  Chris BMS Level 1



                  Thanks for the idea about polorization.  I have heard of this as being a viable option on both platforms, but as you indicated, at a reduced resolution (half iirc.)  We have experience with NVidia's 3D Vision and the only time we experienced dropped signals was when we would turn away from the signal. 


                  As far as I can tell, AE does not appear to be capable of real-time stereo editing, where you can see the restults in stereo, outside of anaglyph mode, which would have been the ideal scenareo.  As a result I want to make it as easy as possible for our art and design team to preview their work in as uniform a way possible.  At this time I'm looking more into the 3D TV setup, which should work so long as the graphics card supports 3D out.