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    Put _movie.frame in D11.5?

    Professor S. Level 1

      The documentation says _movie.frame returns the number of the current frame of the movie. I want a single print button to print the current frame, which could be 1 through 10.  So I need to be able to ask my projector in Lingo what frame I'm on.   _movie.frame returns an error for me. How do I read the current frame number please?

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          Professor S. Level 1

          Why do I figure out my own answers after two hours of research and then it comes to me two seconds after I post it.  Well, partly because of similar posts that I could not find.  Oh well, it's


          put the frame


          or if the frame = 5 then

          print it sort of

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            Adam-C Level 2

            If you're using Director MX2004 or 11 then _movie.frame should work fine - it always does for me anyway. the frame is the verbose syntax equivalent.


            Do you generally use Lingo's dot-syntax or its verbose syntax? If the latter then I'm wondering whether the problem is occurring because the dot-syntax _movie.frame is causing an ambiguity within your verbose-syntax code.


            Also, the problem may be that you're using the put command - this outputs a value to the message window, but doesn't make that value available to the rest of your handler or script.


            The following should work just fine from a behaviour, then:


            on printFrame me

                 printFrom(_movie.frame, _movie.frame)



            (look-up printFrom() in the scripting dictionary to find out more about it)