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    IOR files not being created


      I'm currently experimenting with using the InDesignServerService (windows service) as our means of starting and managing instances of InDesign Server.


      I seem to have it working for the most part but the IOR files are not being created and I cannot figure out why. I have been messing around with the command line arguments in the InDesignServerService MMC for quite some time with no luck. The instances seem to startup fine and show "running" in the event viewer info message.


      Command line arguments used -

      -pluginpath Server/Corba -iorfile c:\IDSQueues\Default\ior1.txt -previews


      I've made sure the account the service is running under has writes access to the ior file path. I truely don't know what else to try or why this is happening.


      Any help would be great! thanks!




      Using InDesign Developer Server CS5 (for testing) on Windows 7 64bit.

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          Adobe-InDesign CS4 Level 1

          Dear Jeremiah,


          Please use the below code in the command line...


          InDesign Server Path[folder]> Indesignserver -iorfile d:\ior\ior.txt -pluginpath server\corba -port 12345


          definitely it would helps you. All the best...



          T.R.Harihara SudhaN

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            jeremiah-swanson Level 1

            Thanks for the response.


            However, this will not work because I am using InDesignServerService to startup the instances. With the service, there is a field to specify a port number in so you do not include it in the command line.


            Also, I have tried specifying this in the Command Line argument as well -


            InDesignServer -pluginpath Server\Corba -iorfile c:\IDSQueues\Default\ior1.txt -previews

            InDesignServer.com -pluginpath Server\Corba -iorfile c:\IDSQueues\Default\ior1.txt -previews


            I've also tried

            InDesignServer -iorfile c:\ior.txt -pluginpath Server\Corba


            which is what the Intro to InDesign Server PDF says to use and it does not work.


            I have tried many variations and nothing works.  The IOR file is still not created.


            I'm still trying to solve this, any help would be great!



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              do you get any kind of error? You can use the "-LogToApplicationEventLog" parameter while starting and then take a look into the Application Log. While starting the instance normaly some events are logged. The last two are the ior content and the path where it was written to. If something went wrong you should be able to see some error instead.


              The "port" parameter is only needed if you're using the SOAP interface. To specify the port for CORBA you can attach the following parameter at the end (otherwise any free port is chosen randomly):

              -ORBendPoint giop:tcp:<IP|hostname>:<portNumber>


              This is not well documented for IDS (and that's a shame). IDS uses omniORB and that's where the parameter comes from.


              Good luck.


              PS: I'm using CS4 tough, but there shouldn't be much differences in this concern

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                jeremiah-swanson Level 1

                Thanks for replying,


                When using the Windows Service it automatically appends the "-LogToApplicationEventLog" in the command line argument when its started. I do get information in eventviewer about the instance starting but no errors, and nothing specifying the ior content or path.


                I am using SOAP so I have 12345 as the port number for the instance I'm testing. Also, everything works when using just command line via batch file to start the instances (the ior files get created), its just when I'm trying to use the windows service do I have a problem


                Here is a screen shot of the event in event viewer -



                As you can see the instance starts fine and there really aren't any error messages but it doesnt specify anything about the ior file and it doesn't get created.

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                  jephillips34 Level 1



                  Are you using the 32-bit service, or the 64-bit service?


                  The screenshot above shows the 32-bit service running.  Perhaps you are configuring the 64-bit service with the MMC.


                  -John Phillips

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                    Did you ever find the solution to this? I am in the same boat with CS6. Everything works great from the command line, but not from the service. Even used a combination of Procmon and Security Auditing to determine that it doesn't even attempt to create the IOR files. With or without port, configuration, etc. No errors in event log, but startup messages are there.

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                      RDrogo Level 1

                      Ok - I just found my root cause. Posting here in case anyone else needs it.


                      The problem was the fact that my PATH environment variable (system level, not user) was already very long, so when the service starter module went to append some extra directories to it, it hit up against the max length and ended up being truncated. I was able to verify this using process explorer. I removed some other stuff to try it out, and sure enough - IOR files aplenty.


                      Oh - and just in case it helps, here were my instance arg strings:


                      -iorfile F:\IDServerTests\LBQ\iors\ior_4.txt -pluginpath Server\Corba -configuration 62s_4

                      -iorfile F:\IDServerTests\LBQ\iors\ior_3.txt -pluginpath Server\Corba -configuration 62s_3

                      -iorfile F:\IDServerTests\LBQ\iors\ior_2.txt -pluginpath Server\Corba -configuration 62s_2

                      -iorfile F:\IDServerTests\LBQ\iors\ior_1.txt -pluginpath Server\Corba -configuration 62s_1


                      It's key to make sure you have a unique config specified, or you'll only end up with one IOR file.


                      Hope that helps someone!