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    Exporting to flash/swf, losing drop shadow?


      Hi guys, when I add drop shadow to 2d text in AE it looks fine in the RAM preview, but when I export to a SWF object its gone.  I tried both the effect and layer style versions of drop shadow.. not really sure what the difference is anyways.  Any ideas?  Googled a bunch and couldn't find an answer.

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Check render unsupported features and it should come back along with a big increase in file size. The best path to flash is to export an FDX file, open and complete in Flash. AE's direct to flash tools are very limited.

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            bogiesan Level 4

            We usually need to ask for clarification: how do you know the drop shadow really isn't there? If you're looking at a sample of the clip over black, it might be invisible. But Rick's usually got these things nailed. Drop shaodws from text require AE to create rasterized frames and that will change the processing of the output. As Rick says, it will be much larger because it will be a pixel-based movie of images rather than instructions for vectors.