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    Reinstalled PS CS4 - deinterlace filter - help, please?

    angelalien548 Level 1

      Hi, I had to wipe my hard drive and reinstall Leopard (I don't want to upgrade to Snow Leopard, please - have my personal reasons) b/c my hard drive was getting too full and thus running out of virtual memory space with the result that some of my applications (i.e. comic life deluxe) wasn't behaving right. Since I wiped the hard drive, reinstalled, reinstalled/activated my Photoshop CS 4 and just updated it to v11.0.2, after adding my Extract Plus plug in back in, and in the process of doing this I noticed a "deinterlace" filter/plug-in in my PS filter/plug in's folder, and I'd like to know - how do I make this filter active/show up when I'm editing photos and I click on "filters"?


      Also, how exactly do I use this filter to deinterlace photos that have interlacing in them?



      Thanks in advance.