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    How to create .swf and .lib font files?


      Hello All!


      I'm working with a flash template I bought but I'd like to change the fonts.

      According to the documentation:


      To add a new font new .swf files should be transferred to  the “fonts” folder, and necessary changes should be done in fontsLibrary.xml file as well, using the same format.


      In the "fonts" folder I have both .swf and .lib files.

      I've managed to create what I believe to be a healthy .swf font file following the steps in here: http://www.communitymx.com/content/article.cfm?cid=67A61

      Still, after editing the XML accordingly, it won't work, and I believe it's because I don't hava the .lib file.


      Here's what the XML looks like, pretty simple actually:



      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
        <font name="standard 07_57" url="standard07_57.swf"/>
        <font name="standard 07_58" url="standard07_58.swf"/>
        <font name="Marketing Script" url="MarketingScript.swf"/>
        <font name="extravaganza" url="extravaganza.swf"/>


      Anyone has any idea how I can progress on this?

      What other info can I give to help you help me?


      Many thanks!!!